Monday, July 12, 2010


I think sooner rather than later, this blog will be changed from Tiffany Marie to Mitchell and Tiffany Eliases Blog! Yep, that's right people, we are getting hitched!

Mitchell Proposed to me on July 2, 2010 on top of the lookout point in Idex Washington. I have yet to see the beautiful Mountain due to all of the cloud cover, but now that I  said YES to Mitchell, I'm sure there will be more chances to catch a glimpse of the elusive Mt. Idex. 
Sorry, no pictures of the proposal. He made me climb up the side of a cliff to get up to the lookout and wouldn't let me take my camera for fear of squishing it.

Our wedding date is set for July 31, 2010. We are going to have a small-ish family ceremony with few friends at the beautiful Two Medicine Campground in Glacier national park. Probably one of mine and Mitchell's favorite places ever. I have a feeling its going to get even more special after July 31!

                                                                      The Rock
                                                  The handsome devil who gave it to me