Monday, June 7, 2010


Its been a while since I have had a chance to find my way to this here blog. Better late than never I suppose.
Well, a lot has happened in the last six months. Life long goals have been achieved, jobs have been landed and I think I may have found a keeper in the boy department.
Lets start with school. I have officially graduated with my bachelor of science degree in Health and Human Performance! Thats right folks, im a graduate. Also, I have begun my graduate studies in Organization Management.  I may switch to education, but for now Im sticking with a Business degree. We will see where life takes me. Oh, and its free because I have accepted a graduate coaching position with the University of Great Falls' Cross Country and Track programs (Dream come true, ya think)!
I am living in a tiny apartment with two of my favorite people, Mitchell and Riley. I think the place is shaping up rather nicely and we are comfy, I suppose that is all that matters! Also, I have taken up baking, that's right people, our house nearly burns down once a week, but I am going to get the hang of this baking thing! I bought a bread maker and I feel as though the bread is edible and (might I say) Yummy too! I have also started to dabble into some recipes that I never thought I'd try and they are edible too! YES. All of this cooking was sparked by my lack of JOB, I'm working on that, but for now... I will have to continue my short stint as a suzy homemaker.

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