Monday, June 7, 2010

Runnin Down a Dream

Well, as most of you know, I am a runner. I have been striving to reach my potential for nearly 6 years and finally, I can see it coming near!

I have been afforded the most amazing teammates with whom I owe much of my success. Without their positivity and work ethic, I would have never made it. They inspired me to work my tail off all year because I knew for a fact that they were doing the same. Thank you teammates, you're shot is coming, I can feel it!

                                                LADY ARGO XC 2009
                                            Bozeman Tie Die

Well, like I said, I got my chance. I found my way through a fantastic, frustrating and liberating final season of collegiate cross country. In Salt Lake City Utah at the frontier Conference Championship, in front of my AMAZING family, I qualified for Nationals as an individual (placed 4th) and my team of beautiful babes placed second behind LCSC.. We promised each other that we would be Carroll College and we did it together.. That was one of the best days that I can remember.
                      Making some dreams come true at Conference

 Nationals came along and I was so ready, ready to TEAR IT UP! I ran well, placed 85th out of 400 ladies, I had bigger goals, but I made it there. Life was good! I was in Vancouver Washington, really close to home. Some of my family drove through the night to get to my race, My Daddy and Grandparents drove up, My wonderful friends all made it. Ross (former Coach) and my runnerspace guys were there. It was really a fantastic adventure, one that I will NEVER forget.


well that was a great day.. So many people supported me, I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!!

Now for track!!! Winter was real rough, but I figured some things out, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend and coaches and ended up having a spectacular spring season. I qualified for the NAIA National Championship for the second time. I qualified in the 10,000 meters, uncharted territory for this girl... BUT, I battled and ran the best I could on that faithful night in Marion Indiana.

                                   Chris Made it too!!! Marathon lady!

                                                       What a night...

Basically, this year was awesome. I am so blessed to be where I am right now. I am in the best shape of my life and I feel really good about myself and my choices..
I cant thank my coaches, teammates, parents and friends enough for all the support and guidance that they have given me over theses years.. God is good, all the time.


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  2. Hey Tiff,

    I saw you were a new follower of the BigSky Brewer Blog so I thought I'd check out your blog. This is a really neat reflection of your awesome senior collegiate running season! Great pictures and commentary! :) Rachel and Holden